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Kuri Kuri Mix : Avoid!

This is one of those cutesy little games featuring two rabbits who work as a team to get through various levels in different scenarios in order to get the Moon back. Hey, I never said it would have a decent plot.

What it turns out to be is fairly mundane repetition, in much the same way as Midnight Club is – a game with no real depth that has you repeating the same thing over and over until you get it right.

It’s not all bad – there are occasional glimpses of fun, and some of the solutions to problems might make you laugh by virtue of them being so contrived!

Sadly, I wish I’d saved the money – after only a few hours play we’ve almost completed it and due to the lack of rewarding game play, we’re wondering why we bothered.

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Beware the Flasher

I’m due on an advanced Flash course in early June, which should be fun and show me the path to making more use of the package into the bargain. Look out for the addition of pointless pages on the site called something like “The Lab” (kudos to!) or “The Playground” where I’ll get to do pointless motion effect Flash clips in the name of experimentation!

Seriously, though – Flash 5 is the best reason yet to take Flash as seriously as I’ve taken PHP in the last year.

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