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European PS2 prices slashed!

What a move! Sen-sational!

I don’t think anything Sony could have done would have had the same impact as the original PlayStation price cut a few years ago, but this comes pretty close.

The software line up for the coming two months is just unbelievable – must have titles like Tony Hawks 3, Wipeout Fusion, SSX Tricky and more will see the PS2 dominate the Xmas charts. The bundling opportunities are immense – a ?199 DVD enabled console, add to it a triple A title and a DVD and you have a total steal of a christmas present!

I wonder how Microsoft’s X-Box will cope when it comes – without DVD capability – and for ?299 in the uk, most likely.

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Rock and Roll!

I attended the CART race at the Rockingham Motor Speedway recently and I must say, those champ cars are sensational! Not only are they the loudest form of motorsport I’ve ever attended (although apparently Santa Pod drag cars are louder), they travel at stupendous speeds.

The set up at Rockingham made for a couple of disappointments, though, with the leaderboard tower not working and the PA drowned out after the cars got going (although I’m not sure they could have done much about that), not to mention the short race due to the weeping track.

However, I’m sure they’ll sort out everything by the time the CART series arrives here next year – I’ll definately be going!

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