Planes, Trains* and Automobiles…

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Planes, Trains* and Automobiles…

Twisted Metal Black…. erm… where do I start… well, nowhere, actually. I owned it for less than 24 hours at the weekend there. Took it straight back to EB the next day and swapped it for two other games.

I’ve never done that before… heck, I even gave the terrible State of Emergency the benefit of the doubt (and I shouldn’t have). But it has to happen every once in a while, I suppose. You end up with a product so awful that the only thing to do is to return it or cut your losses and trade it in.

Not so with Ace Combat 4, for instance; I completed it the week before Easter and I’m pretty sure I’ll play it again on a rainy day. The rewards for completing the game were fantastic – you got to start over with all your planes and credits. It opened further sub missions, all the incidental music, and all the missions that made up the storyline, except you can play them individually at any difficulty level.

I haven’t had a game for ages that really rewarded you to this extent for completing it. Well done Namco!

* I was on a train at easter time. Sorry – best I could do for the headline :o)