The shame of Acclaim

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The shame of Acclaim

Fuck Acclaim!

Screw them into the ground and all the way to hell.

Ahhh. That feels a little better. Having just bought Headhunter and re-discovering the foul taste left in my mouth by their piss poor port of Crazy Taxi for the PS2, I cannot believe they get away with this sort of shit time and again. Is anyone at Sega even remotely interested in saving this once proud brand?

Ten years ago, seeing the Sega logo on an arcade machine meant it was probably going to be well worth your coinage for a play. Now, seeing Sega on a PS2 title just means it will be another absolutely piss port by the talentless wankers over at Acclaim.

I make no apology for coming across strongly here – I have been stung twice now – three times if you count the rush job that was Burnout. So I’m wondering what Acclaim are all about.

Are they single handedly trying to destroy the name of Sega? Are they just intent on producing shoddy product for a quick buck?

Well, I hope I never find out. To follow the promise I made never, ever to buy another EA F1 game, I will never, ever buy another game written or ported by the talentless gits at Acclaim who have already had far, far too much of my money.