A to B they’ll RAC to it being a pain in the ass!


A to B they’ll RAC to it being a pain in the ass!

As one of the more intricate sub-plots running alongside my birthday celebrations at the weekend, Uncle John’s motorway breakdown revealed more about the RAC than it did about his choice of used cars.

While the Toyota Carina probably shouldn’t be faulted for expiring from being forced down the M6 at 100mph, the lack of speed on the part of the recovery company should be highlighted. My uncle has a full recovery membership which turns out to be as much use as a chocolate sunroof. Forty minutes he spent on hold as the battery on his mobile dwindled to the point where he decided to give up. It was only a passing policeman who managed to get hold of the RAC by other means and send them out to pick him up.

His car had to be stashed in a car park overnight so that both himself and the car could be recovered back to Scotland the following day. Fast forward to the next day, journeying back to the stricken motor and it takes another 20 minute phone call for the RAC to remember what had happened the day before. Then they tell my uncle that it could be up to two hours for a recovery truck to come and get him.

And this is the service he gets for being a high level member!!

I’m just about to buy a car myself but I’ll be steering well clear of the RAC.