Out of sight


Out of sight

Gawd damn if a year of sitting beside Mr Jess Unwin hasn’t made me try to think of a clever headline for a journal entry even when I am pissed off.

Anyhow – my sight is screwed. Totally. Well, not totally, but it might as well be. Started on Friday last week and I just cant look at a screen for long without a migraine setting in swiftly, so I’m on borrowed time here. (Actually, if we’re being specific it started around 20 years ago when I sat in my room the whole weekend keying in a space invaders program into my Spectrum 48k – I got a headache then too, but I digress.)

Anyhow, I am royally funked off about it, as I’m doing some very cool stuff ™ at the moment for the intranet at work, and I’m trying to get my teeth back in to C++ at home. Which could be the problem in itself, really; far too much screen time.

This is just a quick dive onto the web to order a card for my Aunty Mary’s birthday (online, natch), and I thought I’d fire in an update before my sight looks like I’m wearing someone else’s glasses and the headache comes back again.

Incidentally, I did go for an eye test this afternoon – they said I was slightly long sighted, but it was debatable whether I needed glasses. I got a voucher for some free ones, so I reckon I’ll get them anyway and maybe just use them for screen work. Cant do any further harm, I suppose.

The only thing left to do is wait for the eyestrain to go away so I can use the computer again. I hate being an addict!

Ah well, back to the darkened room and a new found appreciation of music…