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Blogdex : never be out of the loop again.

Although I simply loathe the term “Blog” and all it stands for (not really, but adding text like this is what helps pad out a whole paragraph when all you really want to do is link to something. See.), I find myself checking Blogdex several times a day just to keep track of the buzz on the internet. It doesn’t just track happening blogs, either – but sudden shifts in traffic/popularity show up on the Blogdex radar and the sites are given a score according to that. Check it and see – you might learn stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know :o)

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Game On

Acclaim Back on Form?

If recent video footage of Burnout 2: Point of Impact is any indication of the quality of the product, I might just have to forgive and forget their sins from a few paragraphs below this one.

Not only do the graphics and physics look completely stunning, but the gameplay now looks like it has more depth than the original (i.e. condensation had more depth than the original Burnout).

An interesting point made today by someone in the know is that if Burnout 2 is using the new, refined version of Renderware, then GTA Vice City should look equally as awesome.

I think a whole load of folk are going to be surprized by the caliber of the PS2’s graphics in the coming months. Acclaim pulling the cat out of the bag with Burnout 2 could be just the start of an avalanche of eye candy on the system.

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H’away the lad!

Former college classmate Robert Boyle has his stag do this weekend in Newcastle. I was once told that Newcastle has a higher divorce rate than any other city in the UK. Make of that what you will, it’s probably not a fact.

Supposing it is true, though, Robert has a phenomenally high chance of being tempted on his final blow out as a single man due to the higher density of single (albeit divorced) ladies to hand. Sadly financial embarrasment (i.e. just buying the car) prevents me from making the trip up to join him on what will undoubtedly be a weekend of wreckless alcohol abuse. However, I hope all goes well for him and his clan of very merry men.

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