The Hag Night


The Hag Night

Rachel and Andy’s Hen / Stag night took place on Saturday night just gone. No sooner had Fliss and I arrived in York, than Andy was driving me and a couple of his friends into the maze of the town center to begin the evening’s festivities.

After ditching the car we walked for an asbolute age before settling into what must have beent he most expensive pub in York. Still, no matter, the beer flowed as fast as the constant stream of hen night attendees through the front door. What is it with that place? Is there some kind of mass proposal thing that takes place each year in York?

There were loads of them – mutton dressed as lamb, for the most part, in all shapes and sizes. Mostly large sizes, to our horror.

As the night wore on the girls met up with the guys at some pokey pub somewhere in the town center, a bit of a break from tradition, but Andy and Rachel are hardly the most traditional couple – and that’s the way I like them!

From then on the rest of the night for me is pretty much a blur. It did include the bizarre and exceptional occurrence of Fliss taking me to get a kebab to try and soak up the drink. Sadly I was a bit too drunk to appreciate the uniqueness of the situation at the time (Fliss hates me buying kebabs – something about them being unhealthy), but not so drunk that the kebab came straight back up, which is always a bonus.

Anyhow, I got lashed to the extent that I spent all of Sunday paying for my endeavors – it was five in the evening before I felt well enough to drive home, and when did get back I spent the rest of the evening watching the Indy Racing and sipping water.

Mental note: take it easy at the wedding on Friday.