Swing the Mood

Today I managed to get the camera accessory for my PSP a day before release, thanks to the friendly assistant at Game. Burning to use it, I took Elisha to the park on the way home and recorded her on the swings. Elisha was oblivious of the fact she was being used as a guinea pig for my filming, although she seemed very impressed when we watched the videos back when we got home.

The videos are of a good quality – especially the 30fps PSP format ones – sadly the video has been reduced to pixelated mush by YouTube, so I’ll need to think of some other way of hosting them. I put the original video of Elisha on a Swing here for download (almost 13Mb) so you can see the quality of the original.

Unfortunately photo mode isn’t quite up to replacing our broken digital camera at 1.3 megapixels, but the pictures will be good enough for sticking on the web at any rate.Keep your eyes peeled for more movies in the coming weeks as my fledgling career as a director takes shape! 😉

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Game On

Video Calls via PSP

As somebody who takes my PSP almost everywhere I go, this announcement that BT are providing software to allow PSP video calls has me quite excited.

Of course, what they don’t mention is the cost – it’ll be interesting to see what they set the tarrifs at, considering it’s VOIP after all. I reckon the pricing could make or break this kind of service, but I’ll be getting the PSP Camera when it’s released tomorrow anyway, so should the VOIP service be cost effective when it comes, I’ll be all over it.

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