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Wanker Cup Enduro Champion 2007

Today saw the final races in the Wanker Cup 2007 – an online GTR2 racing league I take part in with a great bunch of American guys I met over at Track Forum almost two years back, now.

In my first season, which started January 2006, I really struggled. I just never got to grips with the handling model of the original GTR game, leading to a whole load of frustration through throwing away races that I could and should have won.

Season two has been different. Well, a little different. Despite starting well with an early victory at Monza, I was pretty mediocre in some of the events that followed – sliding out of a hard fought 3rd place with around two laps to go at Valencia showed that I still had to find some consistency. Things got worse from there – I was away in Amsterdam for the event at Magny Cours, so didn’t pick up any points there, and then I parked it after being knocked out at the first corner at Hockenhiem. Essentially, I let a whole bunch of points slip away early on.

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Skipping it

Back in April I bought myself a fairly techno skipping “rope” because I thought it’d be cool to learn to skip. I’ve never been very good at it, but due to the skipping skills of the likes of Rocky Balboa I always wanted to learn.

At first I was pretty crap, as expected, and I thought I’d cut too much off of the rope when I was trying to get it to the right length. Turned out it was a matter of technique, though, and after a few evening practices I was up to speed. I still haven’t mastered the hopping from one foot to the other style that Rocky made to look easy, but I’m working on it.

Brother in law Ian said that I skipped like a girl when he was down last week, which isn’t particularly flattering, but if you check out these videos of me skipping and Ian skipping, I’m sure you’ll agree I’ve got better technique! 🙂

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