TimeSplitters 4 on the way

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TimeSplitters 4 on the way

Although I thought the story had been nicely wrapped up in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, I’m stoked to see that Free Radical are working on TimeSplitters 4.

Hopefully they can return to the kind of form from TimeSplitters 2 and get rid of the over-the-top announcer from ‘Future Perfect for a start. It’d also be cool to see some of the past multiplayer levels from TimeSplitters 2 make a comeback – especially Streets and Robot Factory.

With the amount of multiplayer time I’ve put in to TimeSplitters 2 and ‘Future Perfect over the years, TimeSplitters 4 is a must have as soon as it comes out. 🙂


2 thoughts on TimeSplitters 4 on the way

  1. Online multiplayer in Future Perfect was something of a letdown for me, but hopefully with Haze coming first they’ll have vastly improved the experience before TS4 hits. 🙂

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