With apologies to The Zutons and Valerie

Well sometimes I get mail in my box from out in the ether.
And when I look at all the things, they suggest that I need a harder boner.

‘Cos since Pfizer launched that pill, well my ‘box has been a mess.
And I’ve missed the kind of spam that I always used to get.
“Wont you place an order?”, “stop being a fool between the sheets.”
Why don’t you place an order for Viagra… Viagra?

Do you want to satisfy? Get it up at the fourth try? Do it like a porn star?
We promise this is not a scam, we just want to take your ham and fix it for ya.
Did you shop online, so you can have good times, when you’re feelin’ horny?
And did you pay the fine you were dodging all the time, for import duty?


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The 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets

I remember quite a few of the 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets quite fondly from all the hours I must have whiled away in various arcades back in the 80’s.

Space Invaders, Paperboy, and Star Wars are indeed classics, although I don’t see Space Harrier, Star Rider or the laser disk Firefox cabinet on that list. Admittedly it was rare to see a working version of Firefox, but the full motion Space Harrier cabinet was just awesome and every big arcade had one.

The sit down cabinet for Road Blasters is another one that I don’t see on the list, but remember well. It featured a pair of super loud speakers placed in the head rest that left your ear drums aching after a long session. It’s the kind of experience that arcades were all about, back in the day – immersive, loud, and left you wanting just one more go. 🙂

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