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Adding Sense

For about a year and a half I’ve had Google Adsense adverts up on WipEoutZone to try and generate some revenue. Not a killing, of course, just enough to help pay for the forums and hosting.

The traffic for the site ebbs and flows. If there’s a new WipEout game on the way or one just launched, then it swells and there’s an influx of new visitors. At other times the virtual tumbleweeds have been rolling down the virtual streets of what becomes a ghost town.

So, with that in mind it didn’t really bother me what the adverts made – every little helps and I was hardly going to retire on the profit. So, Google Adsense was trucking away for most of 2007, and then in early 2008 I get an email from some company who want to “put our ads on your site.”

Say wha’?

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