Flashback, Game On

A WipEout Q&A

Back in May 2017, I was approached by Sony about taking part in a retrospective video on WipEout. I happily attended the recording in Liverpool and, in addition, answered a series of questions that were to be part of a feature for the Official PlayStation Magazine.

For whatever reason, the feature was never published so after writing recently about how WipEout changed my life, I thought I’d share the Q&A here.

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Journal, Music

Yonaka at The Garage

I became a fan of Yonaka after spending an entire day seeking out female-fronted indie rock bands to listen to. I also had the good fortune to discover Rews, Antares, Lucia and others at the time. But Yonaka really stood out for the quality of the riffs and the delivery of the lyrics and, when I saw they’d be playing in Glasgow, I snapped up the tickets.

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